m113_cross.jpgAn unexpected response to the production of Constantine’s Sword, we would like to share with you, was the founding of The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a clearinghouse for reports of religious prejudice by men and women serving in the US Armed Forces. Mikey Weintsein, who appears in the film with his son Casey, felt compelled to start the organization when he saw their story in the context of a long history of the terrible events that have followed the coming together of religious zealotry and military power, as shown in the movie.

Many of the thousands of letters and emails they receive support the concerns we present, in our account of recent events at the US Air Force Academy, and suggest that  the phenomenon has spread to all branches of the Armed Forces.

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“Imagine yourself arriving to your local veterans administration office for help. You have served in fierce combat, been awarded medals and have been taxed physically by your time in the military. You happen to see a placard and frame of religious rhetoric. Your interest is piqued! You read the display. Your face goes from relatively slack to a faint scowl. That country you are in this office for, injured or otherwise, tells you that it is all for Jesus, because of Jesus. The flag you love and almost lost your life for and watched your buddies die for has been devoted to a religion you do not follow. Remember your Jewish buddy in basic? What about that Hindu soldier that helped pull you to safety after you were wounded? Why is that allowed to happen? Well, walk around a little more. You will find more to be distraught about… Shouldn’t the military remain neutral on these matters? How about a placard of a memorial to those fallen, regardless of faith?

–(Name and rank withheld) United States Army Soldier, 2 combat tours in Iraq” ??????????? ??????? ? ???????? ????????

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