A former Catholic priest goes on a personal odyssey exploring the dark side of Christianity in this thoughtful 2007 documentary. James Carroll, a National Book Award winner and a practicing Catholic, asks if religion is influencing American foreign policy. He visits the Air Force Academy in Colorado (his father was a U.S. Air Force general) and learns that evangelicals are freely recruiting troops on campus. He also finds that anti-Semitism is a growing problem there. And he looks back at Christianity’s past, at the Emperor Constantine’s vision of the cross as a sword and symbol of power. From there, he uncovers evidence of church-sanctioned violence against non-Christians. The timely film raises uncomfortable questions about Americans’ deeply held beliefs. Unrated, 95 minutes. DVD extras: an introduction by Gabriel Byrne, extended scenes, outtakes, director notes and filmmaker biographies. From First Run Features. In stores Tuesday, Sept. 16.

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